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Guaranty of Payment

1. Reason for Guaranty: I know that the Landlord would not rent the Apartment to the Tenant unless I guarantee Tenant’s performance.

I have also requested the Landlord to enter into the Lease with the Tenant. I have a substantial interest in making sure that the Landlord rents the Premises to the Tenant.

2. Guaranty: I guarantee the full performance of the Lease by the Tenant. This Guaranty is absolute and without any condition. It includes, but is not limited to the payment of rent and other money charges under lease agreement dated:

3. Changes in Lease have no effect: This Guaranty will not be affected by any changes in the Leases, whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to, any extension of time or renewals contained in said lease or thereafter.

The Guaranty will bind me even if I am not a party to these changes.

4. Waiver of Notice: I do not have to be informed about any default by Tenant. I waive notice of nonpayment or other defaults to modifications and extensions of the lease agreement.

5. Performance: If the tenant defaults, the Landlord may require me to perform without first demanding that the Tenant perform.

6. Waiver of Jury trial: I give up my right to trial by jury in any claim related to the Lease or this Guaranty.

7. Changes: This Guaranty can be changed only by written agreement signed by all parties to the Lease and this Guaranty.

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